Nano text editor on Windows 10, under git bash

If you like nano and miss it on windows, here is how you can make it work under git bash on Windows. First of all you need to download the compiled binaries (tar-zipped) from GNU nano site, e.g.: $ curl -L -O Unpack it somewhere to a folder called nano. Move that folder to […]

Http2 on Ubuntu 16.04

This is a quick guide for enabling HTTP2 on Ubuntu 16.04. I use digital ocean and there I have a few instances that (at the time of writing this) run on Ubuntu 16.04 and have apache 2.4.18 installed. First you need to add this PPA repository and installing (upgrading) apache2: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/apache2 sudo apt-get […]

Spring-Actuator without Spring Boot

If you like Spring-Actuator and want to use it in a traditional spring app i.e. without using spring boot, it is surely possible. I was looking around for a solution and nothing really worked out of the box. I’m guessing because people don’t post the whole solution and/or don’t point out the usual suspects and […]

Move WordPress to another server

This is maybe not so usual situation but nevertheless one that I had to deal with, so here goes. Possibly mostly as a reminder of the steps (as I tend not to remember these , abit boring tasks). I had my previous WP instance hosted at common web hotel with their own control panel as […]

WordPress instance moved

My old host provider refused to allow me to add ssl certificate for this site (which they thought belongs only to ‘company accounts’ ?! – weird). Nevertheless it’s (still) a free world, so I simply moved it to another place with full control over the server. Hence the sweet green ‘https’ in the browser URL. […]