Ansi color codes

I don’t like to remember things so here comes a short list of Ansi color codes that can be used in your bash: # ANSI color codes RS="[33[0m]" # reset HC="[33[1m]" # hicolor UL="[33[4m]" # underline INV="[33[7m]" # inverse background and foreground FBLK="[33[30m]" # foreground black FRED="[33[31m]" # foreground red FGRN="[33[32m]" # foreground green FYEL="[33[33m]" […]

Alternative to Windows console

This is probably the most annoying thing with Windows – awful console (prompt). I do have Windows on one of my computers that I do developing stuff, and I just can not work with standard console. I used to like Cygwin, but there is something putting me off with it. I don’t like how it […]