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Modify default expanded folders in Windows Explorer in Windows 10

This has been the major pain in my bum in Windows Explorer for the longest time now. When I open Windows Explorer (having expand folders option on e.g. expand folders in navigation pane) it expands by default few folders such as ‘This PC’, ‘Network’, and my home folder. What I would prefer is NOT having this folders expanded and navigation panes tree collapsed (for good overview and quicker navigation). There is no intuitive setting for this to my best knowledge. However, I found this weird tip (more like a unintentional hack I would say). If for instance Home folder is expanded when Windows Explorer starts this is the procedure how to collapse it by default next time you start it:

  • open explorer
  • right click on the username (the user’s expanded home-directory)
  • do not choose any item of the context menu, but left click on the little arrow to collapse this directory
  • exit explorer
  • open explorer and enjoy 😉

This actually works! Weird as it is it saves my day.


update: Seems that Windows explorer remembers latest ‘view’ (might have happened after some of recent updates). I’ll still leave this post up in case they remove this.

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